Sacred Space Rituals


When people are killed in Baltimore, we believe that their lights matter. We believe that the places where people are taken by violence should be Sacred Ground. We believe that just like somebody showed up to kill them, people should show up in that same space to send love and light to that person's spirit, to the community, and to their loved ones. 

During Sacred Space Rituals, people are invited to do whatever they believe will put love and light in the space. Baltimoreans show up to make sure that love has the last say in that space, how much the person matters has the last say in that space, and that murder does not have the last say.

Baltimore Ceasefire 365 volunteers who have been trained to facilitate these Rituals are the people who schedule when they happen. Normally, trained facilitators see who has been murdered, and check their calendars to see when they are available to bless the space. However, if a loved one of a murder victim asks us to schedule a Ritual, we will schedule it at a time that is convenient for them. All Sacred Space Rituals can be found on the Baltimore Ceasefire 365 online calendar. 

Please attend Sacred Space Rituals, when you can. #DontBeNumb. Because #BaltimoreLivesMatter.