Ways to Participate in Baltimore Ceasefire 365


Do Ceasefire Outreach

Go into neighborhoods and talk to people about an upcoming Ceasefireweekend, give out Ceasefire flyers and posters, and/or put posters and flyers around the community. (download talking points below). Do outreach by yourself or get a group of people to do it with you.

Become An Ambassador

A Ceasefire Ambassador is someone who represents Baltimore Ceasefire 365 on behalf of the Organizing Squad to educate people about Baltimore Ceasefire 365 and upcoming Ceasefire weekends. Ambassadors can be as young as age 12. Click here to apply: https://forms.gle/KJ84iqWSttC7NbVb8

Get Flyers, Posters, and Ceasefire Apparel

Download flyers and posters (below) to share on social media or through email.

Pick up Ceasefire outreach materials (flyers and posters) at Baltimore Community Mediation Center (3333 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218) during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Help ensure that Baltimore has enough posters and flyers by giving any amount to our official donation platform. Your donation is tax-deductible. 

Show that you participate in the movement by getting your own Ceasefire apparel

Host a Life-Affirming Event

Baltimore Ceasefire weekends are about everyone being peaceful and celebrating life! One way to do this is by planning and hosting an event during a Ceasefire weekend. You are free to host any kind of event you want, as long as it is a way to celebrate life, whatever that looks like to you. Any events that appear to send negative energy toward any person or group will not be added to the public Ceasefire calendar. If you'd like your event to be in participation with the May 2020 weekend, please complete this form, and your event will be added to the calendar: https://forms.gle/zKFY6ymhXFXn8Mz89

If you have a life-affirming event in 2020 that is not happening during a Ceasefire weekend, and you want it to be in participation with the movement, please complete this form and it will be added to the calendar: https://forms.gle/GPSbvgPLtLK8tD3G9

Materials for Ceasefire Outreach

Basic Talking Points for Baltimore Ceasefire Outreach (pdf)


May 2020 Ceasefire Poster (jpeg)


May 2020 Ceasefire Flyer (side A) (jpeg)


May 2020 Ceasefire Flyer (side B) (jpeg)